Duck Duck Grey Duck participants: The Spoon Gathering in Minnesota 2018.

Find Spoon People!

If you are one of the many spoon carvers nearby, we can connect you  with other carvers near you. Also we will host a monthly, um, Spoon-a-palooza so we can hang out, trade stories, etc.

details to follow

Become Spoon People!!

Find a class to take, to jump start your carving skills, or come to one of the Spoon-a-palooza days to see what its all about. And enjoy the view while you are here (see above).

details to follow

Tools and Materials

What tools do I need? How do I sharpen them? Whats available? Where do I get fresh wood? What wood is good? We are building a resource for you here, curated by experienced spoon carvers.


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