Walnut Bonanza!

Through the Bay Area Woodworkers Association I found a couple in Burlingame who had a little walnut. They were incredibly nice. We took a photo a-la “American Gothic” so they may not look as friendly as they are in real life… but check out what “a little” walnut looks like!

Well, it was a lotta walnut! Directed one turner there, who picked up some good stuff for bowls. Then last Sunday I met two other spoon people there. We cut up one bigger log to make some blanks… So this was the first meeting of the Bay Area Spoon Carvers (BASC)!

When I got home I cleaned up the blanks, and coated the end grain with glue to keep the checking to a minimum:

On left is riven wedges, on right is same with pith and bark split off. While we were there my long suffering mallet broke, so I made a new, ludicrous mallet on site. I will make a more sensible one next week, but here it is…  exactly 8 lbs. o’ fugly:

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  1. I hit the ‘publish’ button before I was ready. My spoon carving partners-in-crime were Terry and new member Cory. Many thanks to both of you for being there/reaching out and helping to start this spoon carving community!

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